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Jazz music as with Wine is an acquired taste. Just as there are so many different types of wines in the world, there are just as many different forms of jazz. Each wine has a region and jazz has many styles where each offers it own unique experience to the listener and taster. Wine and jazz both can be complex, and have different feels such as heavy or light, depth, and blends.  There is Swing Jazz of Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald, traditional Bebop jazz of John Coltrane and Charlie “Bird” Parker, to the intense Jazz Fusion style of Miles Davis. Let us not forget the elegant and velvet voice of Sarah Vaughn, the Progressive and Contemporary Jazz sounds of Donald Byrd and Grover Washington, to the Smooth Jazz sax of Boney James.


Wines present the same complexities, with blends and multi-dimensional flavors. There are the big and bold Bordeaux's, the softer Burgundies, the intense flavored Shiraz, food friendly Italian wines and the delicate taste of Champagne.


This year make an effort to add a little jazz and wine to your holiday. If you get time to relax, listen to Ben Tankard’s “White Christmas” or Kenny G’s“ Greensleeves (What Child Is This)” and have a glass of Oregon’s Pinot Noir; this will begin your journey with Vino, Jazz And Christmas Music.

Vino, Jazz And Christmas Music

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