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Updated: Dec 20, 2023

I remember the first bottle of wine I shared with my friends in college; We laughed all night, talked and about everything until sunrise. During my college years, my friends and I cried together over our first loves, celebrated our triumphs, became who we are and bidded goodbye to those who moved on or graduated; and through it all, there was wine. 


I started seriously drinking wine a few years ago. As my colleagues and I would get off work, we would head over to a happy hour and have a glass wine. Over the years I have noticed that people who drink wine are so much more fun to be around. I have built many friendships, enjoyed so many sunsets and solved problems with a glass of wine. As with all things, drinking does carry a responsibility to enjoy in moderation. When I think of the jazz music festivals, travelling the world, the romantic dinners, the sunsets, the good books I’ve read, the wonderful and insightful conversions, the picnics, the relaxing baths, holidays and celebrations, there was always  a glass of wine.

In my travels, I have found that people who drink wine are happier, healthier and embrace life. When people are drinking wine, you’ll hear laughter and enjoyment. When we think of religion, politics, and other topics, wine is always there and yes, love always brings a toast of wine.


Wine is a beverage to share, to enjoy and it gives us the ability to live the moment. Yes, I love wine, for all of my cherished moments and for all the new memories to come, there will be a glass of wine.-VJ


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